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Centervillage Fujiko Awaji h_086jrzd00523

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DMM R18 JAV h_086jrzd00523 Entering The Biz at 50! Fujiko Awaji. Fujiko Awaji is 52 years old. She's still got a healthy sexual appetite, so once a month she leaves the kids at home to go have dinner alone with her husband, before heading back to a hotel room to fuck. But for the past year or so, all she's had is dinner before he wants to go home. But her body craves sexy and her lusts haven't faded. When she confessed her bedroom woes to a friend, she suggested she make an appointment at Center Village. They take requests, and they'd be more than happy to relieve a hot MILF's pent-up horniness!. Entering The Biz at 50.

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