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Prime Keiko Hattori h_086jrzd00517

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DMM R18 JAV h_086jrzd00517 First Time Shots: 50 Something Documentary Keiko Hattori. Meet Keiko Hattori, hailing from Ibaraki. This housewife has been married for 28 years to a husband who works for a pharmaceutical company. She has two boys and one girl. She lived a nice and pleasant ordinary life, but now that all her children have flown the nest, she's feeling rather lonely and bored. Keiko's developed a liking for long masturbation sessions when her husband isn't home. But this is getting a little boring as well, so Keiko's made a crucial decision: she will now embark on her first ever adulterous adventure... A fascinating document, detailing the before and after of this rather chaste wife in her fifties, burning with newly rekindled lust.... Entering The Biz at 50.

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